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Boys Will Be Boys!

Posted on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 4:21 pm

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Unique Combinations- be daring. Have fun!

Boys will be boys, no matter their age. I swear I see it every day at work and at home. My husband acts like my teenager at times and my teenager acts like my preschooler at times and the preschooler acts like the adult of the house most of the time except when he needs to have that occasional tantrum/meltdown…it’s like I’m watching Lion King with the Circle of Life right before my very eyes.

Funny enough I love working with men! They are more easily satisfied than women when it comes to putting together their look/image. Even if they are super picky, finding the right looks for them are simple (quality of) Fabrication, Fit and Feel (how comfortable it is on them). Once that’s achieved the rest is a piece of cake! Women clients? Well that’s a whole other article, lol!

Nonetheless, the point is that men don’t change much from who they were to who they are all grown up…they will ALWAYS be versions of their younger selves.

Even when they turn 50 and above men will still be young at heart and hopefully their desire to stay en vogue and desirable to who “floats their boat” (women, other men or both; no judgement here!) will still be intact. Men above 50 should be able to dress stylishly and stay in trend…with a little more sophistication of course. Everyone loves a little edge, a little more swag mixed with that seasoning (aka salt & pepper hair), lol!

Here are a few looks I think a swaggadocious and still age appropriate with and a little edge and sophisticated style. NOTE: to properly pull this off one would need to stay physically fit and not let your midsection grow too wide/large…that’s not sexy no matter what you wear.

AARP here they come… Sexy & Runway Ready!

Gaga for Gingham!

Posted on Monday, April 11th, 2016 at 2:28 pm

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Photo: J.Crew- Find the Campbell Blazer here $178.

Not just for a cute cover for your picnic table anymore.  The pattern on pattern of gingham is a fun way to play with summer colors and magnetize onlookers.  There are plenty available in a full suit, break it up to pair with just about anything for a clean but modern pop of style or if just a blouse is enough try it that way but however you like it like Nike JUST DO IT!  

Ralph Lauren gingham blouse

Ralph Lauren gingham blouse 















I would pair the suiting with a crisp white tee or button up and sneakers (or tennis shoes, depending on where you come from) or an easy footwear fix is to wear with one strap across the toe stilettos in a neutral or go crazy (like I would!) and do it with a different bright color for drama!

Chanel does gingham

Chanel does gingham

A touch of gingham on shoes too!

A touch of gingham on shoes too!


Gingham was all over runways for this season

Gingham was all over runways for this season


Old Navy gingham set

Old Navy gingham set for only $20!












Anthrologie gingham one piece swimsuit $158

Anthrologie gingham one piece swimsuit $158

dolce ging

Dolce & Gabbana for Spring 2016 featuring gingham


My Review of the GOLDEN GLOBES 2015

Posted on Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 9:00 pm

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I watch all red carpets like a kid with popcorn right before the circus begins; giddy, full of anticipation and excitement swirling in my belly for the magic I am about to witness. Its simply eager anticipation to see which celebrity will arise out of the abyss of that regular hum drum traditional red carpet look into a sort of beaming light lifting them to an “OH! She did that!” level of greatness.   Regrettably, I was not really moved to such excitement this time. Now, there were a few good ones but overall I wasn’t “taken to new heights” impressed with anyone.

The Golden Globes is the prerequisite to the Oscars. It’s an opportunity to dress funkier and dial back the starch in your collar so to speak and have a good time. The point is to party and wear stunning stylish black tie-esque clothes that are comfortable to your style aesthetic. You know have a good time being FABULOUS with fewer rules is how I look at it. It also gives us style experts a heads up on who to look out for when the Oscars comes because they nailed it at the Globes.

There were a few winners that were really beautiful and complimented their star style; wearing it right both with personality (the look didn’t wear them; they wore it) and physically (totally complimented their body type). First, Jenny from the block- Jennifer Lopez wore Zahair Murad with ease and elegance, Viola Davis who has struggled in years past with getting it right, did it this time in Donna Karan (who by the way looked great with her new hairdo), Allison Tolman looked beautiful and rocked it right especially for the plus size girls who struggle to find the right balance for their silhouette as well as be fashionable, Allison Williams in ravishing red layers of Armani Prive, Kate Hudson in a hot cutout number by Versace and Lena Dunham in Zac Posen (FINALLLLLYYY! She got it right and wore something complimentary to her shape and not looking like upholstery fabric) BRAVO Lena!!! I knew you could do it.

There was a wide variety of styles shown on the carpet; no landslides of color of styles however red, white and black seemed to be the colors that were spotted often amongst a full dichotomy of styles. Also noted were the plunging and open necklines trend; clavicles were the necklace of choice for many which I loved. Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller in Miu Miu, Jessica Chastain in Versace Atelier, Kate Hudson also in Versace and Katherine Heigl in Zac Posen was among the leaders of this style trend last tonight.

Some celebrities whom I didn’t love were a surprise to me but you can’t get it right EVERYTIME I guess. Even though I liked Kerry Washington’s neckline in that Mary Katrantzou dress overall her look was a thumbs down for me. The color block silhouette was nice however the metallic fabrication paired with the two tones made it more sci-fi than high society; pretty but more like a princess in Avatar or Star Trek than anything else. Another surprise flop for me was Lupita Nyong’o in Giambattista Valli; I found it to be a beautiful dress just not a great red carpet dress for her. I equally disliked Keira Knightly in Chanel; she looked matronly and more like she was going to play a role on an episode of “The Little House on the Prairie” than an Hollywood awards show in the year 2015…No ma’am, I reckon that was a bust! There were others but these were my Top 3.

Yellows and blush tones were also seen quite a bit last night. Let’s hope the Oscars will fair stronger on the red carpet reactions this year. The Golden Globes gets a C+ for COME ON! Push the envelope a little harder ladies…we all will be watching in anticipation for more come February 22.




Ready to get ready for fall…?

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 8:27 pm

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We all know it although we don’t want to say it so I will…Summer is almost over! I know it makes me sad too but although I’m no fan of being cold, I am fond of chunky sweaters and tall boots and fur (faux or real you decide!).  The best pieces of the season start to trickle into the stores this month and the style savvy run to snatch up the limited editions now while the rest of us are still sunbathing. No fret though; I always believe the savvy-ish shopper is the best informed shopper so with that in mind I wanted to man you with the info on what the HOT items are to keep your eyes out for and when you see it, try it on, if it works with your style, shape and color story for the season snatch it!

The Midi-
We know fashion is cyclical. This year’s new skirt length is a trend from the 1940’s finding its resurgence into our lives and the fashion runways in 2013/2014. Its ladylike silhouette is a little longer than the pencil skirt; hitting either just below the knee anywhere to as low as to the mid-calf. The MIDI’s appeal is across generations. It’s the perfect cover-up that is elegant in length and works day to night.

The Big Cat/Animal Effect-
I always endear a good graphic pattern but this year it seems like the bigger the better is the case! Many designers have animal prints from scarves to outerwear in giraffe prints, leopard, tiger, you name it! I have found that one good piece that stands out can make an outfit soar in this case it can make it roar! When wearing it one should tame the rest of the look with solids or simple cut easy pieces like that LBD or turtleneck and skirt or pant all one tone and easy to let the graphic item take stage…as it should.

Ice Ice Baby-
Vanilla Ice may have made this a famous phrase but this season Ice Blue and Black have teamed up to make this phrase a cold-blooded winner for winter! In addition to white (icy snow white; not winter white) ice blue is a soft yet electric color for this Fall/Winter season. Paired with the dark hues of black or navy are key color trends that give deep and cool touches to your style. Invest in a few pieces this fall in textures that are thick and nubby or perhaps suede and smooth like silk…looking cool as ice in the cold never looked so good!

Fur Accents-
Whether you are a faux fur wearer or one that wears the real thing, there are equally fabulous options out there for both preferences. The point regardless of the argument on which you wear, is that ALL should partake in a fur accent this season. It was a huge part of runway accessories and a part of many ready to wear and outerwear ensembles. It’s the perfect way to “rejush” an old coat and make a simple outfit pop as a fresh new look- with just that one fur scarf! Just like good fences make for good neighbors…a great scarf makes for great refresher to any outfit. Here is a tip for you, if you have an old fur coat/sweater or blanket take it to your local alterations shop/dry cleaner and have them make scarves out of them. Take one for yourself and gift the rest for the holidays…you’ll look like a superstar sharing your gift of style!

Macy’s Working Women Fashion Event 2013

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 1:58 am

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Macys Working Women Fashion Event 2013 (5)This is one of the many fashion shows I style and commentate for my client Macy’s. This one was at its historical flagship store in New York City, Herald Square.  The show was focused on “How To Be Stylish in the Workplace”.  My guest co-host for the show was the remarkable Helene Lerner, author of In Your Power, which is about women finding their voice in the workplace. She is also an independent public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and Fortune 500 workplace consultant.  She covers a wide array of women’s issues—from breaking barriers and work-life balance, to health and wellness, to relationships and building self-esteem which we discussed as key points to climbing the ladder of success in addition to just LOOKING the part.

I styled Helene for the event that day and we got along so well she has asked me to
do a monthly fashion post on her womenworking.com blog and newsletter. I have been her fashion writer for several months now and the response has been fantastic! I discuss how to look your best, how to keep your chic without losing your respect in the office and tips on trends and what’s coming up next in hot collections to look out for all workplace approved. Helene and I was definitely an odd couple but awesome knows awesome and so the partnership began. She is an
awesome woman and with a huge following and I am happy to be a part of a movement promoting women being  their best and looking their best while doing it!  We all need support emotionally, mentally and physically to be that intelligent, strong and focused individual in a male dominated world.  Check it out my posts and all the other wonderful experts on the blog at www.womenworking.com.


Trend Report: Hi/Lo Collaborations for Spring 2013

Posted on Sunday, May 5th, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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May 2013 Milly banana republic sketch

It’s no secret that I am a celebrity fashion stylist that holds a special place in my style book for Hi/Lo dressing. I don’t see price tags when choosing style; I chose based on the budget, the quality and the aesthetic. Those who spend their life savings just to bear the name of a label is doomed to see empty pockets/bank accounts more than one should in a lifetime. With all that being said I wanted to share some great hi/lo options for spring now that we are in full swing of the season, FINALLY! Here are my selects of some noteworthy high end designers that have collaborated with some low priced retailers to bring you the best of both worlds; high style/low cost and not to forget…with plenty panache!  All these collabs are great work to play options this spring and I threw in a few “heads up” collections coming for Fall so you stay ahead of the game.

Kate Young, a Hollywood fashion stylist to Hollywood actors like Michelle Williams has taken her signature style and encapsulated a small collection of her signature look for Target. It’s a modern and fresh approach to spring with a variety of flirty daytime dresses simple enough for the workplace but flirty enough for evening. Accessories also align this collection with slim bags, jewelry and footwear all ranging from $15 to $90 — debuting stores and Target.com on April 14.

Catherine Mallandrino is coming to Kohl’s in Fall 2013 with an 80 piece collection. Keep your eyes and ears perched for its debut with unprecedented prices for this designer between $36 to $130. The anticipation of this collection is high and expected to be a fantastic addition to the history being built of big draw high end designers with low cost retailers. There are no photos to be previewed yet. If you are fashion and penny savvy, you will be one of the first in line when those doors open or at the keyboard when the online store makes it available…it will be sold out as quickly as it is presented, MARK MY WORDS!

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor
This is Kate Hudson’s first stab at designing. Little is known about the capsule collection, other than it will attempt to translate her red-carpet style into everyday attire—here’s hoping an affordable version of the clothes she dorns on many of the red carpets we see this celebrity turned fashion designer on. Ann Taylor, locations throughout the city; visit anntaylor.com. Available May 20.

Milly designer Michelle Smith is bringing her signature preppy-chic prints and bold colors to Banana Republic for a new collaboration launching this spring. It’s a 60-plus item collection for men and women premiering in May at select Banana Republic locations worldwide and online.  The collection will feature re-issues of six popular Milly prints, as well as one new one created especially for Banana Republic. Prices will range from $45 to $175 for women’s apparel, $24.50 to $64.50 for men’s wear, and $39.50 to $130 for jewelry and accessories. That is definitely more reasonable than Milly’s main collection, which normally starts at about $400 for a dress. The women’s collection will include work & spring friendly attire in maxi dresses, skirts, and shorts in a rainbow of on-trend colors, including lime, coral, and navy. Are you ladies excited about this collaboration? It is certain to be a breezy light addition to your workplace wardrobe.