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Do It In Denim!

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016 at 3:10 pm

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Give your jeans a break and try some other denim pieces that will wow!

Three Piece Suit perfect for the workplace and gives off a rock & roll statement is one of my absolute favorite ensembles. Its sexy and rich yet serious enough to wear to work and fashionable enough to wear anywhere else.


Photo: Ralph Lauren

If you know me, you know I LOVE JUMPERS; anything one piece is a friend of mine. It’s another diverse items that can be worn dressy or casual and works for almost all body types.Adding a bright accessory will add some personality to your look and make a statement more customized to your style aesthetic.

brightssA Fit Flare, oversized shirt dress and simple sheath are just a few chic upgrades that give new proportions/ shape to denim lovers.   The deeper the blue, the sweeter the style although rules are always breakable and I’m easily swayed by a destroyed destressed denim paired with a refined shoe and structured blazer


Denim Story Spring 2016


Denim Dresses Spring 2016


Chloe Spring 2016 Denim






Macy’s Working Women Fashion Event 2013

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 1:58 am

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Macys Working Women Fashion Event 2013 (5)This is one of the many fashion shows I style and commentate for my client Macy’s. This one was at its historical flagship store in New York City, Herald Square.  The show was focused on “How To Be Stylish in the Workplace”.  My guest co-host for the show was the remarkable Helene Lerner, author of In Your Power, which is about women finding their voice in the workplace. She is also an independent public television host, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and Fortune 500 workplace consultant.  She covers a wide array of women’s issues—from breaking barriers and work-life balance, to health and wellness, to relationships and building self-esteem which we discussed as key points to climbing the ladder of success in addition to just LOOKING the part.

I styled Helene for the event that day and we got along so well she has asked me to
do a monthly fashion post on her womenworking.com blog and newsletter. I have been her fashion writer for several months now and the response has been fantastic! I discuss how to look your best, how to keep your chic without losing your respect in the office and tips on trends and what’s coming up next in hot collections to look out for all workplace approved. Helene and I was definitely an odd couple but awesome knows awesome and so the partnership began. She is an
awesome woman and with a huge following and I am happy to be a part of a movement promoting women being  their best and looking their best while doing it!  We all need support emotionally, mentally and physically to be that intelligent, strong and focused individual in a male dominated world.  Check it out my posts and all the other wonderful experts on the blog at www.womenworking.com.