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Best Fall “Back To School” Styles for Students

Posted on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 at 7:03 pm

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It’s time to head back to school. Whether you are in preschool or graduate school I am sure you dread the crisp cold mornings when you have to get out of bed and head to class. Putting away the bathing suits and flip flops are the last things you want to see go away, I know.  Regardless to all those cons one thing is for sure, fall always brings fun with all the new fall looks ahead to wear and bring cozy chic into your chilly reality ahead.

Every season, women’s fashion headlines the MUST HAVES because lets be honest menswear/boyswear was always a bore; outside of Brycewear of course, which was my great love affair with menswear miniaturized for boys for many years after I was a frustrated parent who wanted my son to be stylish like his momma and I couldn’t find it in stores anywhere. Well that was almost 10 years ago I started that quest and now I’m happy to say thanks to stores such as Zara and H&M for expanding their collections for men/boys, it’s now not so difficult to get fashion-forward pieces for them to get stylish too! I love being a trailblazer, lol!  Designers & brands alike are FINALLY starting to “step up to the plate” with fashion for guys and it’s about time!

 Here are my TOP 10 Must Have Items for BACK TO SCHOOL for  Guys & Girls this season: 

Motorcycle and Varsity jacketst have to be the James Dean type or Football Enthusiast to wear one anymore. They are a slightly edgy style for your kid’s fall outerwear piece.  Some have a retro vibe, while others feature new twists on the all too familiar classics that are still street chic and can be equally functional for warmth!  The Moto jacketlike a rebellious preppy movement.  The Varsity jacket equally has options in fabrications however the fit is still at its coolest comfortable and slightly oversized. Pair it with jeans and a graphic tee or do it a little more daring by wearing some shine with it…glam grunge is all the rage these days!

Gray Denim…We all know denim jeans and jackets are a back-to-school staple but this season GRAY is this year’s hottest shade for both boys and girls — and it matches just about anything. Gray is their new black!

Skinny Khakis…sorry moms! The skinny-jean trend hasn’t gone away; it’s migrated to khakis, giving the usual preppy look a bit of a skater-boy edge.  It’s a great way to rock those chinos and still look cool!

Loop Scarves aka Infinity scarves, are a practical and pretty accessory year round.  They come in a wide variety of colors and prints that take your child’s basic wardrobe of solid T-shirts or not so exciting button-down shirts to a new level — and  they provide a bit of warmth on crisp fall mornings. I can handle the cold air if my neck is warm and makes a great finish for a look!

 Wide Belts are great not just for cinching our waistlines, it’s a great finishing accessory when wearing tunic or shirtdresses or pencil skirts with a separate or over a duster/sweater coat. A staple for the Boho Chic look!

Biker Boots, Doc Martens & Slip-On Sneakers go with everything and are year round footwear (with exception to snowy days for the slip ons) so get a pair for those outfits that need a little edge with little effort.

 Florals & Textures. s nice to see the rich dark hues that so compliment fall and winter be the focus of fashionable wear for the season for the whole family. I just love the strength of Navy, Burgundy, Green & Gray.  It goes well with florals that are fun and whimsical to wear during the cold months. Chunky knits sweaters and great tights are also perfect additions to add.

My last word of advice is not to go breaking the bank to get everything on my list unless you absolutely have NOTHING. Truth is you really only need one or two new pieces each season to make a new style statement each season. There are more trends that are great this season like: plaids, wooly coats, oversized cardigans and pastels. Keep them in mind when you have extra funds to spend or list of gifts ideas for upcoming birthdays or holidays but the above essentials are just that but more never hurt either.

The Mini’s have it…Finally!

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 7:44 pm

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2013 Mom & Me Blazers H&M
2013 Mom & Me Blazers H&M

It’s always the cutest thing to see a mini version of you in your children. It wasn’t always the case until recent years that you could find little replicas of the trends hot off the runway; especially in menswear/boyswear hence that’s why I birthed BRYCEWEAR many years ago (https://www.facebook.com/bryce.wear). It was only Ralph Lauren who dared to launch a high end kids line for his lifestyle brand. Christain Dior only had baby Dior limited in sizes primarily layettes. Since then I have watched childrenswear style grow to mimic fashionably savvy moms and dads styles. From sneakers/footwear to graphic bold pattern jackets at H&M and chanel-like suits at Oscar De La Renta Kids, Marni and Stella McCartney, Lanvin, the list goes on and on now.  The point is there are stylish trend driven kids clothes for at varying price points almost everywhere and I couldn’t be happier to know that I was one of the first to bring trend driven style of boys clothing options to reality with BryceWear.  I might bring it back within the next year or two if I find the right backer… who knows but for now I am satisfied that kids today have many options of top quality style for every occasion! Here are some of my favorite spots: All Saints, Burberry Kids, Crewcuts (J. Crew Kids), Zara Kids, Next Kids (Europe), Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci Kids, Gilt.com, H&M Kids


How I Sneak In the Veggies

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 7:45 pm

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When I was a kid it was “you eat your vegetables, young lady!” and I dare not complain. I had to make them disappear from my plate if I didn’t want to get in trouble (how they always went away I will never tell)! Now as I try to be of a more modern day parent I try to talk my kids into doing what I want them to do instead of using the element of fear to disobey (which isn’t necessarily completely out the window in my house from time to time, LOL). I LOVE to cook and learn new recipes. It is a stress reliever for me however the struggle to get my kids to try new foods or eat a variety of vegetables is an ongoing battle for me.

Sometimes I use a small bribe if talking doesn’t work and sometimes it is a nose to nose standoff; depends on my mood that day (don’t judge me! I do the best I can J). Because I don’t have a lot of time or patience for much of either I find the “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” method to be the best option. I used to just sneak all kinds of veggies, flax seeds or extra fiber into their food unbeknownst to them….no tears, no yelling, no raised blood pressure for either of us. I thought I was doing the darn thing being the mommy and winning the fight for them to have all their nutritional needs met.

I used to do the whole blending of veggies into pulp and adding into the sauce for pasta night but what was I to do when they don’t want sauce; just butter or olive oil? Today they now have dry pastas that fortify the vegetables right into it. No more are the days of pureeing and masking the flavors of vegetable into a sauce. Now they just think its colored pasta and no one fusses. Thank you pasta gods…thank you for shaving off a task from my to-do list and a notch off my stress belt.

Simple Solutions to Promote Independent Dressing

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 12:50 am

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The time with my kids are precious and sometimes I feel like I never have enough time to devote to them but when I do, I really really don’t want to be spending it yelling about details on the small stuff. Yes I sometimes wonder why I of all people a Fashion Stylist and Trend Expert have only boys who couldn’t care less about fashion or coordinating the right socks with their look or caring that their nails need clipping, etc… (That list could go on and on).  Because of this, I look for any ideas big or small to assist them in becoming more independent in their grooming and care and overall becoming a better more independent dresser.  Because I travel alot, when I’m home I cater to my kids and I sometimes feel like I am not helping them but more helping to feed my occasional guilt of being away from them.  I believe it is ok to coddle them a little but not too much.   When children learn how to do things for themselves/move more independently they feel empowered. Independent dressing is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced a little every day.  I look for all kinds of ways to mix up learning methods even if it’s just playtime to them but secretly I know they are learning something beneficial for later.

I came across some stickers that I thought would be a great way to familiarize my guys with where to find (and put back) his clothes in drawers. I also use a label maker (for the ones of reading age) to help. Not for nothing; it helps the cleaning person, babysitter and husband (don’t forget that’s another child to monitor) know where things go when you aren’t around to do all the directing or micro-managing yourself.  I love anything that takes a second or two or three or thirty off my to-do list!

 I also like to give them a choice in what they wear for the day…much like I do with my clients. I sometimes lay out 2 or 3 looks for them and ask them to choose.  From time to time I let them chose their full look on their own (and cringe at the final choice) and let them have full authority on it.

Here are 3 free computer games that help teach appropriate choices of clothing based on the weather or the activity:

1.  Caillou Dress Up Game:  Caillou will let you know what the weather is and the child needs to select the proper clothing based on the temperature outside.
2.  Sid the Science Kid Weather Wheel:  Click on the weather wheel to determine the conditions and then dress the character to match up with the weather.
3.  Muffy’s Wardrobe:  Instead of the weather, you can choose an activity for Muffy to participate in and then you must choose the right outfit for that activity.

For the stickers go to www.crafterhours.bigcartel.com/category/stickers  for yours today and if you find any other great tips share them.

The Christmas List!?

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 1:34 am

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2013-03-05 21.52.51Really? It’s not even Fall yet and I found this. My 10yr olds rolling Christmas wish list…what the heck?? I love his focus but could he possibly focus on something like schoolwork maybe?? I don’t know maybe I’m crazy…

Bad Furniture Choice!?

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 1:28 am

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2013-03-01 07.31.28I found these pieces and loved them for my lounge area in the basement but the kids kept trying to pull the trigger. Ummm! On second thought maybe the lamp has to go #badinfluencefurniture #refundplease