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Homemade Ginger Tea; My Daily Elixir

Posted on Friday, November 25th, 2016 at 8:00 am

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I was introduced to this home-grown concoction by my friend and client Broadway Tony Award Winning Actress LaChanze one day a few years ago, and have been addicted ever since.  Seeing we all probably overindulged yesterday for Thanksgiving I thought this would be a great recipe to share to cleanse our palette and help digest all that went in yesterday better so we can do it all over again later today, lol!

  • Peel a handful of ginger (literally about enough to fill your hand)
  • Grate or Slice your ginger into a large pot of water
  • Boil until it’s a rolling boil for about 15-20mins. The longer it boils the stronger it gets. If the water reduces just add more; the ginger is so concentrated it will still be very strong even with the newly added water
  • Strain the ginger with cheese cloth if you grated it or strainer if you sliced it (personally I like to leave some ginger pieces in the pitcher)
  • Pour ginger tea in teacup. Add fresh lemon juice & honey to taste
  • Pour remaining tea in pitcher & store in refrigerator. Should be enough to last you several mornings
  • I also like to drink it cold, add vodka with a wedge of lime for a nightcap

Enjoy and You’re Welcome!!!












Foodie Fridays: How To Select the Perfect One…

Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2016 at 8:36 am

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Watermelon Poem He-Knows-What-The-Angels-Eat.-»-Mark-Twain

I’m not talking about men, ladies!

Have you ever seen that viral video going around of the hippo eating the watermelons? I can totally relate to loving this fruit too. it screams everything SUMMER, BBQ’s and COOL REFRESHMENT. I know! I know! I’m a black woman and I wont be shamed because I LOVE watermelon. For the record…many others of all races like it too.  Over the years of asking the produce man, watching my mother at the market and from doing my own research, I have learned a few tricks to choosing the perfect watermelon and I want to share these tips with you.

There are a few things to look for when you are choosing a watermelon.

  1. Shape- Look for a watermelon with a pretty good oval shape. Like anything made by Mother Nature no watermelon is perfectly shaped, however there are some that are pretty close and there are some with some pretty crazy shapes to them…you try those at your own risk!  I say, stick with the ones with that good oval-ish shape.


A Perfect Oval Shaped Watermelon

A Perfect Oval Shaped Watermelon

2.  Yellow Spot– Find one with a relatively large yellow spot on the bottom of the watermelon. This spot is where the watermelon has rested on the ground while it grows. You want this spot to be a good, creamy yellow. This can be hard sometimes, but there are always a few in every bin!

You want these imperfections! Trust me.

You want these imperfections! Trust me

3. Small Scratches– You want your watermelon to have small scratches on it. I’m not talking large scars, I am talking about small scars from bugs trying to scratch at them because the watermelon is nice and sweet. As much as I hate them, I have to trust the bugs! They have the nose for the sweet watermelon we want.

4. DIG! – Don’t be hasty ad pick the first one you see that seems to be “good enough”.  Pick up a few promising watermelons and don’t be shy to dig through the bin. Some people use the knocking technique, but I don’t have a clue to know what I am looking to hear so I don’t bother with it.

Once you have your perfectly scratched and yellow spotted watermelon home, try some new ways of enjoying them. Check out my post on Infusing Fruit…watermelon is an excellent vehicle for absorbing flavor. Here are a few ideas I think you might like too!


My Best Burger EVER!

Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at 12:28 am

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Delicatessen Restaurant NYC

Most Heavenly Burger EVER

 Delicatessen (NYC) hidden in plain sight right in the middle of Soho and Nolita on the corner of Prince Street and Lafayette. The drinks are never weak and everything on the menu is pretty damn exquisite. Don’t Count your calories when you go there; its decadent comfort food on steroids- event the healthier items on the menu.  My absolute favorite side items there are their 4 Cheese Mac N Cheese, Lobster Mac N Cheese from MacBar and their Signature Burger. I loved that burger so much; I tried my hand at making myself one day…and CRUSHED IT!

Here is Delicatessen’s Burger: with Ground Beef, Crispy Pork Belly, Charred Tomato, Fried Egg with Cheese Sauce on a Brioche Bun…it’s messy and gooey and decadent! It comes with all the toppings you could want and to top it off… truffle parmesan fries.  I always get a side of their mac n’ cheese. It’s overload I know but its too hard to walk out of there without having some…the takeout is just as good so do that if my way is too much….don’t judge me though! The takeout packaging comes in a plastic elbow shaped container…too cute.

Delicatessens Signature Burger Delicatessens MacBar Side with tomato topping Delicatessens MacBar Sides Delicatessens MacBar Sides 3 cheese

Here is My Burger:  Ground Turkey, Crispy Applewood Smoked Bacon, Shredded Swiss & White Cheddar Cheese, Beef Tomato and Spinach on a Sesame Seed Bun. Hand-cut Potatoes (Fries) with Balsamic Ketchup

Here is how I season my burgers:

Ground Turkey, few splashes of Lea & Perrins Worshdishire Sauce, Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper, Garlic, Red Robin Burger Seasoning. Mix and let sit for 20 minutes to let the seasoning marinate.

In a non-stick pan cook your bacon. Then use that same pan with that great bacon rendering to cook your burgers…….CAN I SAY FLAVOR!

Pat the burger patties thinner in the center to prevent dryness and cook them to a juicy medium.

After burger is done and just cover over the pan with foil or the pan lid to steam melt the cheese. Fry up an egg over easy. Lightly toast your bun of choice and lightly spray with butter

Layer it all up and ENJOY! Maybe one day I will reinvent my own 4 cheese Mac as good as MacBar does. Right now, I will just make the trip and order it to go at its kiosk store directly behind the restaurant on Prince.

How I Sneak In the Veggies

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 7:45 pm

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When I was a kid it was “you eat your vegetables, young lady!” and I dare not complain. I had to make them disappear from my plate if I didn’t want to get in trouble (how they always went away I will never tell)! Now as I try to be of a more modern day parent I try to talk my kids into doing what I want them to do instead of using the element of fear to disobey (which isn’t necessarily completely out the window in my house from time to time, LOL). I LOVE to cook and learn new recipes. It is a stress reliever for me however the struggle to get my kids to try new foods or eat a variety of vegetables is an ongoing battle for me.

Sometimes I use a small bribe if talking doesn’t work and sometimes it is a nose to nose standoff; depends on my mood that day (don’t judge me! I do the best I can J). Because I don’t have a lot of time or patience for much of either I find the “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” method to be the best option. I used to just sneak all kinds of veggies, flax seeds or extra fiber into their food unbeknownst to them….no tears, no yelling, no raised blood pressure for either of us. I thought I was doing the darn thing being the mommy and winning the fight for them to have all their nutritional needs met.

I used to do the whole blending of veggies into pulp and adding into the sauce for pasta night but what was I to do when they don’t want sauce; just butter or olive oil? Today they now have dry pastas that fortify the vegetables right into it. No more are the days of pureeing and masking the flavors of vegetable into a sauce. Now they just think its colored pasta and no one fusses. Thank you pasta gods…thank you for shaving off a task from my to-do list and a notch off my stress belt.