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Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 3:42 pm

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Yes, its time for the beach bonfires, BBQ’s, rooftop soirees, clinging glasses with friends and sitting down to good old conversations around the picnic table in the backyard. Before you completely leave the office for these priceless moments, I wanted to give you some pearls of wisdom on how to keep this feeling even after the fireworks seize. Timeless colors like RED, WHITE & BLUE are synonymous with July and usually evoke good memories like I just mentioned. Why not take these same colors into your daily this summer and keep the fireworks alive in your style?

RED: This color has the tendency to sometimes be overwhelming for the office if worn too heavily. A red dress is traditionally considered proper for evening wear because its sexy and alluring; all the things women want to downplay in the workplace for obvious reasons. Well this no longer is faux pas for the office. Reds are subtle yet effective mood enhancing colors that come in so many hues and tones that there is an appropriate shade for everyone for day and night. Another option is to just brighten your workplace ensemble with red accents. Bright accents are a fantastic way to inject some color into your wardrobe. Try adding it in your jewelry or handbag or belt, nail color or lipstick.

WHITE: A color most wouldn’t consider for the office because one drop of ink or coffee your way will destroy event the best materials, I know. But the reward in wearing all-white is much greater than the risk, I promise you! You can always layer your white (blazer or sweater) so if there is a mishap then you have a cover-up. Another great tip: Tide to go sticks and a quick run to the bathroom with a small towel hot water and a little bleach works too (lightly wash the spot with water and a dab of bleach then let it air dry). Wearing more casual mixes are great options when wearing white. Denim jeans, shirts or blazers are instantly dressy options when in white and paired with heels and great accessories.

BLUE: The first thing that comes to my mind is the ALL AMERICAN DENIM JEAN. Obviously this doesn’t translate well into the office (in more conservative offices of course) however you can take denim into the office without needing a trip to HR. DENIM SHIRTS and DENIM JACKETS can be instant cool additions to your work attire. Take a simple traditional black skirt or slack and a very feminine style handbag and add a denim shirt (even add a men’s tie or thin ladies scarf). Also try the same look with a simple tee or button down shirt and add the DENIM JACKET which will add a layer of instant cool that will satisfy your throwback to that summertime weekend fun every time.

There is no rule book in fashion. The designers create off inspiration and you should also dare to be creative and dress to the beat of how you feel daily. Work-wear (day-wear), casual-wear and evening-wear are all very distinctive in their genre of fashion but they can overlap and intermix when done with common sense and restraint. Show INDEPENDENCE in your style & enjoy the sights and sounds of summer! This season is way too short to waste.