Skinny Lox Recipe

Posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 9:15 am

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I’m a girl that eats to live but certainly enjoys the journey of eating! I don’t necessarily count calories but I make sure to keep it balanced. I say go ahead and eats something fried today (or for 2 days what the hell, right?) then eat cleaner for the next day or two with salads, lots of water and so on.

Whenever I can, I will cut the “fat” so to speak one some of my favorite indulges like my favorite Sunday breakfast fav…lox, cream cheese on a bagel with all the works…capers, tomatoes, cracked pepper, fresh dill. I never was that person to dig out the middle of a perfectly good bagel but I will revise a few things to indulge without all the carbs all the time.

*Make a fresh plate of the lox and have a mini bagel on the side. It’s the same concept of having a bun-less burger except have the option to eat less bagel

*Only use a smear of cream cheese instead of that glorious glob.

*Mozzarella sticks thinly sliced (less calories than cream cheese)

*Add heirloom cherry tomatoes halved

*Sprinkle capers and its juices sparingly

*Toss some fresh dill & pasley

Enjoy & You’re Welcome!!!