Simple Solutions to Promote Independent Dressing

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 12:50 am

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The time with my kids are precious and sometimes I feel like I never have enough time to devote to them but when I do, I really really don’t want to be spending it yelling about details on the small stuff. Yes I sometimes wonder why I of all people a Fashion Stylist and Trend Expert have only boys who couldn’t care less about fashion or coordinating the right socks with their look or caring that their nails need clipping, etc… (That list could go on and on).  Because of this, I look for any ideas big or small to assist them in becoming more independent in their grooming and care and overall becoming a better more independent dresser.  Because I travel alot, when I’m home I cater to my kids and I sometimes feel like I am not helping them but more helping to feed my occasional guilt of being away from them.  I believe it is ok to coddle them a little but not too much.   When children learn how to do things for themselves/move more independently they feel empowered. Independent dressing is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced a little every day.  I look for all kinds of ways to mix up learning methods even if it’s just playtime to them but secretly I know they are learning something beneficial for later.

I came across some stickers that I thought would be a great way to familiarize my guys with where to find (and put back) his clothes in drawers. I also use a label maker (for the ones of reading age) to help. Not for nothing; it helps the cleaning person, babysitter and husband (don’t forget that’s another child to monitor) know where things go when you aren’t around to do all the directing or micro-managing yourself.  I love anything that takes a second or two or three or thirty off my to-do list!

 I also like to give them a choice in what they wear for the day…much like I do with my clients. I sometimes lay out 2 or 3 looks for them and ask them to choose.  From time to time I let them chose their full look on their own (and cringe at the final choice) and let them have full authority on it.

Here are 3 free computer games that help teach appropriate choices of clothing based on the weather or the activity:

1.  Caillou Dress Up Game:  Caillou will let you know what the weather is and the child needs to select the proper clothing based on the temperature outside.
2.  Sid the Science Kid Weather Wheel:  Click on the weather wheel to determine the conditions and then dress the character to match up with the weather.
3.  Muffy’s Wardrobe:  Instead of the weather, you can choose an activity for Muffy to participate in and then you must choose the right outfit for that activity.

For the stickers go to  for yours today and if you find any other great tips share them.