Ready to get ready for fall…?

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 8:27 pm

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We all know it although we don’t want to say it so I will…Summer is almost over! I know it makes me sad too but although I’m no fan of being cold, I am fond of chunky sweaters and tall boots and fur (faux or real you decide!).  The best pieces of the season start to trickle into the stores this month and the style savvy run to snatch up the limited editions now while the rest of us are still sunbathing. No fret though; I always believe the savvy-ish shopper is the best informed shopper so with that in mind I wanted to man you with the info on what the HOT items are to keep your eyes out for and when you see it, try it on, if it works with your style, shape and color story for the season snatch it!

The Midi-
We know fashion is cyclical. This year’s new skirt length is a trend from the 1940’s finding its resurgence into our lives and the fashion runways in 2013/2014. Its ladylike silhouette is a little longer than the pencil skirt; hitting either just below the knee anywhere to as low as to the mid-calf. The MIDI’s appeal is across generations. It’s the perfect cover-up that is elegant in length and works day to night.

The Big Cat/Animal Effect-
I always endear a good graphic pattern but this year it seems like the bigger the better is the case! Many designers have animal prints from scarves to outerwear in giraffe prints, leopard, tiger, you name it! I have found that one good piece that stands out can make an outfit soar in this case it can make it roar! When wearing it one should tame the rest of the look with solids or simple cut easy pieces like that LBD or turtleneck and skirt or pant all one tone and easy to let the graphic item take stage…as it should.

Ice Ice Baby-
Vanilla Ice may have made this a famous phrase but this season Ice Blue and Black have teamed up to make this phrase a cold-blooded winner for winter! In addition to white (icy snow white; not winter white) ice blue is a soft yet electric color for this Fall/Winter season. Paired with the dark hues of black or navy are key color trends that give deep and cool touches to your style. Invest in a few pieces this fall in textures that are thick and nubby or perhaps suede and smooth like silk…looking cool as ice in the cold never looked so good!

Fur Accents-
Whether you are a faux fur wearer or one that wears the real thing, there are equally fabulous options out there for both preferences. The point regardless of the argument on which you wear, is that ALL should partake in a fur accent this season. It was a huge part of runway accessories and a part of many ready to wear and outerwear ensembles. It’s the perfect way to “rejush” an old coat and make a simple outfit pop as a fresh new look- with just that one fur scarf! Just like good fences make for good neighbors…a great scarf makes for great refresher to any outfit. Here is a tip for you, if you have an old fur coat/sweater or blanket take it to your local alterations shop/dry cleaner and have them make scarves out of them. Take one for yourself and gift the rest for the holidays…you’ll look like a superstar sharing your gift of style!