New News In Nudes

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016 at 2:41 pm

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Finally, It’s finally happened! Designers now know NUDE isn’t just one color…. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

unspecifiedI remember, a few years ago happily seeing Donna Karan selling with a variety of quality sheer hosiery in different shades for every skin tone from pale to deep chocolate.


Then Christian Louboutin created a line of nude shoes and now FLATS (yaaay! because his stilettos always hurt!) in different shades of “nude”.  I finally can wear a pair of nude shoes that are actually MY skin tone and not Barbie’s. I love Barbie but we don’t do the same “nude” …never have – never will and to be limited to only her shade and call it nude for me was a LIE everyone seemed to just go along with.

christian-louboutin-nude-ballet-flats-collection-2Now others are following suit and “shading” us as we were made in a variety of beautiful hues complimentary of the world of colors we know. A lingerie company named Nubian Skin {hyper link} is a new brand line of intimates dedicated to producing nude-toned pieces for women of color. Women of color no longer need to resort to black bras for their nudes to wear under light clothes. Now we can dare to wear our barely there’s in our actual real shades of pretty.