Boys Will Be Boys!

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Unique Combinations- be daring. Have fun!

Boys will be boys, no matter their age. I swear I see it every day at work and at home. My husband acts like my teenager at times and my teenager acts like my preschooler at times and the preschooler acts like the adult of the house most of the time except when he needs to have that occasional tantrum/meltdown…it’s like I’m watching Lion King with the Circle of Life right before my very eyes.

Funny enough I love working with men! They are more easily satisfied than women when it comes to putting together their look/image. Even if they are super picky, finding the right looks for them are simple (quality of) Fabrication, Fit and Feel (how comfortable it is on them). Once that’s achieved the rest is a piece of cake! Women clients? Well that’s a whole other article, lol!

Nonetheless, the point is that men don’t change much from who they were to who they are all grown up…they will ALWAYS be versions of their younger selves.

Even when they turn 50 and above men will still be young at heart and hopefully their desire to stay en vogue and desirable to who “floats their boat” (women, other men or both; no judgement here!) will still be intact. Men above 50 should be able to dress stylishly and stay in trend…with a little more sophistication of course. Everyone loves a little edge, a little more swag mixed with that seasoning (aka salt & pepper hair), lol!

Here are a few looks I think a swaggadocious and still age appropriate with and a little edge and sophisticated style. NOTE: to properly pull this off one would need to stay physically fit and not let your midsection grow too wide/large…that’s not sexy no matter what you wear.

AARP here they come… Sexy & Runway Ready!

Play On Plaids

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It’s almost the end of a year and winter hasn’t officially arrived…thank goodness! Nonetheless, we should get everything ready before the temperature drops and catches us off guard.Put those summery pieces that “pass” in this balmy fall weather away and start asking yourself…What are the fashionable looks for winter 2016 I need to have? The answer is a layered one but allow me to help start you off…GET SOME PLAID! All kinds of patterns in plaid. All kinds of colors in plaid. Trust me!

What is Plaid you ask? simply put; the definition is: a checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool. Simple right? Traditionally, the cold season makes us bring out a lot of dark and neutral shades. Thanks to Britain influence, plaid is not only a “blah” beige, but a vibrant catchy red tartan that catches your eye and now even more evolved updated and edgy with brighter bolder colors, bolder patterns in small plaids to large graphic prints.

In my opinion, the good ole’ British vibes are very in demand this year. They are warm to wear and they bring women an effortlessly adorable look. But there is nothing wrong with uniquely edgy and sexy so try the more modern styles but try mixing the two.

Making room for plaids in your fall/winter wardrobe is easier than one might think. Great plaid prints come in capes, coats, jackets, pants, shirts and accessories like scarves, weekend bags, gloves, hats, shoes and more for both men and women. No excuse to embrace the trend. I like mixing the plaid patterns and bold colors from brands like Barbour and one of my favorite designers Barbara Bui.

Hey Fellas! Here’s 10 Essentials for a Winter Sexy Wardrobe

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Hey Fellas! 10 Essentials for that Winter Sexy Wardrobe: Part 1

There are many ways to skin a cat (figuratively speaking, of course!). We all know there is no bible on style but masterfully being stylish and warm can be a feat for most. Fashion vs Function can live harmoniously in one look.

I love a man with a good sense of style. It creates a sense of confidence and allure to him that automatically draws attention and adoration. Nothing is sexier than a confident man. In lieu of the falling temperatures, I thought I’d share some guidelines to some great style trends for men this season.

Guys take note…print this and leave laying around the house. Maybe “Santa” will help with the list!

Materials to Seek: Tweeds, Wool Cashmere, Denim (always), High Quality Cotton, Suede

From Outerwear to Footwear here is Part 1 of Fall/Winter Must Haves for the Savvy & Chic Guy:

  1. Suede Footwear – supple luxury for the feet
  2. Weekender and Work Bags – stylish bags are a great finish to a look
  3. Great Quality Henleys – upgrade your t-shirt game with these staples in all colors (see color chart for inspiration)
  4. Sweatshirts – great with joggers, jeans also try layered with collared shirt add a blazer
  5. Parka – go for it with colors this season (see color trends chart); classics always are good although safe
  6. Trench Coat – wear with suits or casually with jeans
  7. TurtleNecks – wear with suiting instead of button-downs
  8. Navy Suiting – this classic color makes him look tall (er), dark and handsome…winning!
  9. Chunky Knits – it does so much! gives great texture to a look. comes in a wide array of colors for your individual taste. can be worn with everything from suiting to sweats and upgrade your style statement
  10. Light Jewelry – meaning just wear a little at one time to accentuate the sex appeal. a good bracelet, necklace that falls just below the clavicle and a ring for shits & giggles when feeling a little flirty; it really does lighten a look.

Stores to check out: Bloomingdales, Zara, Macy’s, H&M, Saks, Kenneth Cole,

Men’s Style Advice: White Hot Summer

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White Featured Image

It’s safe to say there wasn’t much of a spring, as summer just ushered its way in like nobody’s business. One sure fire way to keep cool, classic and fashionable is by rocking white. Whether you’re headed to a party, to work or just out on the town, there is a white ensemble that fits every facet of your personal style.

1.      A White Sneaker

A clean white sneaker is very necessary this summer, largely because of its versatility. You can wear them with shorts, sweats, jeans, and suits. With a wide variety of selections, you’re sure to find a pair that easily fits your budget. 

NFL Baller Tyrod Taylor sports a pair of low top common projects sneaker. Note how his trouser stops at an appropriate length just at the ankle.

 2.      White Jeans

Though they may be hard to keep clean, white jeans are definitely in this summer. The trick to these is finding the right fit for the occasion. Wear a skinny fit jean and dress it up with a loafer or sandal or a looser-fitting straight leg (please no boot cut fellas) and dress it down with your favorite sneaker.

  1. Fitted Tee

I’m not talking about Fruit of the Loom undershirts either. Invest in a few solid colored crew neck or V-neck that can take you from a movie date to running errands. Wearing a V-neck shows you put just a little bit extra effort into your look.  You can still be dapper and relaxed in your suit while wearing a T-shirt. Go straight from the office to happy hour to dinner.

 Here’s a few “Honorable Mentions”  for your Style Reference:

Curvy Girls Alert! Lane Bryant Making Curves Cute Again

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I think you can love Kim K or hate her but it’s my opinion that aside from the social media and reality show stardom she has achieved she has also changed the way curvy girls are viewed and accepted in American culture. Now it’s true that not everyone including the aforementioned, came to be that  curvy girl naturally but regardless whether via surgery or sculpted by God, thick chicks are now being acknowledged as sexy beings to be recognized and respected.

This new found figure fame is so popular that the fashion industry has jumped to the call for a better selection of trend driven looks for this majority of our US population. It seems the struggle to find stylishly modern clothing for the plus size woman was harder to find than a Where’s Waldo puzzle. Here are a few brands to consider when looking for trend driven pieces for those curves for summer wear.

Christian Siriano many of you may recognize from winning Project Runway Season 4 in 2008. In his career as a respected up and coming designer he has made a name for himself.  He has worked with a myriad of celebrities in entertainment and several plus size lovelies for the red carpet and weddings in the recent past. Now he has taken his talents to the public in a very economical way which has been received very well.

christian-siriano-danielle brroks SAG 2015 chrisitian siriano nicolette-mason for vogue Itailia

Pictured above fitting Danielle Brooks for SAG 2015 and Nicolette Mason for Vogue Italia. Lane Bryant has partnered with Christian Siriano this month to create a plus-size line and he has also partnered with Kleinfeld for a bridal collection which is making big news!

There are several other LB x celebrity collaborations like Melissa McCarthy, Lela Rose and Sophie Theallet.  Here is a few of my favorites:  
















Rack’em and Stack’em Party!

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  • necklacesMix delicates with bolds and add a watch! It’s easy and fail-proof by choosing pieces with similar styles and colors to keep the look cohesive.

Nailing the layered look is not as hard as you think. Small charms and gens add a unique touch. TIP: always make your longest layer the standout piece.
Stone details are a great detail; highly in trend
Brands to check out:,,,,


Emily Ratajkoski has the right idea! Layering a choker and different necklace lengths. Photo: Vogue

Emily Ratajkoski has the right idea! Layering a choker and different necklace lengths. Photo: Vogue

Stone details are a great detail; highly in trend
Brands to check out:,,,,

New News In Nudes

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Finally, It’s finally happened! Designers now know NUDE isn’t just one color…. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

unspecifiedI remember, a few years ago happily seeing Donna Karan selling with a variety of quality sheer hosiery in different shades for every skin tone from pale to deep chocolate.


Then Christian Louboutin created a line of nude shoes and now FLATS (yaaay! because his stilettos always hurt!) in different shades of “nude”.  I finally can wear a pair of nude shoes that are actually MY skin tone and not Barbie’s. I love Barbie but we don’t do the same “nude” …never have – never will and to be limited to only her shade and call it nude for me was a LIE everyone seemed to just go along with.

christian-louboutin-nude-ballet-flats-collection-2Now others are following suit and “shading” us as we were made in a variety of beautiful hues complimentary of the world of colors we know. A lingerie company named Nubian Skin {hyper link} is a new brand line of intimates dedicated to producing nude-toned pieces for women of color. Women of color no longer need to resort to black bras for their nudes to wear under light clothes. Now we can dare to wear our barely there’s in our actual real shades of pretty.



Spring Trends for Men’s Suiting

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Normally, I would turn this post into a women’s story about how masculine suiting works so nicely for womenswear and how to wear it for the ladies but I am listening to my male followers and tending to their needs…. Hi Fellas!

I get asked time and time again from guys about what’s the new trends in shoes (casual and dressy), clothing from everything in special occasion, work appropriate, casual Friday and cool accessories. I promise to add a lot more posts for men and answer all the questions I think you have questions about.

Here’s my first install…. enjoy and please leave comments to ask questions and request more topics if you find there is something more you want to know.


I love love love a well-tailored man in a suit. That is from his shoes to his topper (hat) if he wears one. But let’s talk suits right now. The slim fit is my favorite and it isn’t just for the lean and tall man. Actually, I find that it works on most men of varied heights. There shouldn’t be a lot of fabric hanging around and making your silhouette larger than it is. The proper tailoring of a suit is KEY to a slimmer appearance even if your midsection is a little obtuse.

I am not a fan of pleats on men’s pants but some body types need it…at least one I can stomach ONE pleat on each hip but that’s about it!


Photo by Ralph Lauren

Staple colors in suiting you should have in your closet: NAVY, BLACK and GREY! Add a Khaki, Chambray suit as alternatives; which works well for business, dressy or casual Fridays. Notch or Peak lapels are most common and easiest to find.

Double Breasted jackets are only to be worn by those with no midsections (no potbelly, sorry!)

Tie Basics to have: a skinny black, knit ties in a variety of colors (adds texture) and some navy patterns (polka dots or stripes are easy) add the other colors like pink, browns, greys, in solids and patterns after you have those basics in your arsenal

Shirts: Always have at least 3 white dress shirts, one denim blue, navy stripe and a few polos (to wear when going a little casual but still want the sharp look of wearing a full suit.


Photo by Ralph Lauren

Do It In Denim!

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Give your jeans a break and try some other denim pieces that will wow!

Three Piece Suit perfect for the workplace and gives off a rock & roll statement is one of my absolute favorite ensembles. Its sexy and rich yet serious enough to wear to work and fashionable enough to wear anywhere else.


Photo: Ralph Lauren

If you know me, you know I LOVE JUMPERS; anything one piece is a friend of mine. It’s another diverse items that can be worn dressy or casual and works for almost all body types.Adding a bright accessory will add some personality to your look and make a statement more customized to your style aesthetic.

brightssA Fit Flare, oversized shirt dress and simple sheath are just a few chic upgrades that give new proportions/ shape to denim lovers.   The deeper the blue, the sweeter the style although rules are always breakable and I’m easily swayed by a destroyed destressed denim paired with a refined shoe and structured blazer


Denim Story Spring 2016


Denim Dresses Spring 2016


Chloe Spring 2016 Denim






Gaga for Gingham!

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Photo: J.Crew- Find the Campbell Blazer here $178.

Not just for a cute cover for your picnic table anymore.  The pattern on pattern of gingham is a fun way to play with summer colors and magnetize onlookers.  There are plenty available in a full suit, break it up to pair with just about anything for a clean but modern pop of style or if just a blouse is enough try it that way but however you like it like Nike JUST DO IT!  

Ralph Lauren gingham blouse

Ralph Lauren gingham blouse 















I would pair the suiting with a crisp white tee or button up and sneakers (or tennis shoes, depending on where you come from) or an easy footwear fix is to wear with one strap across the toe stilettos in a neutral or go crazy (like I would!) and do it with a different bright color for drama!

Chanel does gingham

Chanel does gingham

A touch of gingham on shoes too!

A touch of gingham on shoes too!


Gingham was all over runways for this season

Gingham was all over runways for this season


Old Navy gingham set

Old Navy gingham set for only $20!












Anthrologie gingham one piece swimsuit $158

Anthrologie gingham one piece swimsuit $158

dolce ging

Dolce & Gabbana for Spring 2016 featuring gingham