How I Sneak In the Veggies

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 7:45 pm

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When I was a kid it was “you eat your vegetables, young lady!” and I dare not complain. I had to make them disappear from my plate if I didn’t want to get in trouble (how they always went away I will never tell)! Now as I try to be of a more modern day parent I try to talk my kids into doing what I want them to do instead of using the element of fear to disobey (which isn’t necessarily completely out the window in my house from time to time, LOL). I LOVE to cook and learn new recipes. It is a stress reliever for me however the struggle to get my kids to try new foods or eat a variety of vegetables is an ongoing battle for me.

Sometimes I use a small bribe if talking doesn’t work and sometimes it is a nose to nose standoff; depends on my mood that day (don’t judge me! I do the best I can J). Because I don’t have a lot of time or patience for much of either I find the “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” method to be the best option. I used to just sneak all kinds of veggies, flax seeds or extra fiber into their food unbeknownst to them….no tears, no yelling, no raised blood pressure for either of us. I thought I was doing the darn thing being the mommy and winning the fight for them to have all their nutritional needs met.

I used to do the whole blending of veggies into pulp and adding into the sauce for pasta night but what was I to do when they don’t want sauce; just butter or olive oil? Today they now have dry pastas that fortify the vegetables right into it. No more are the days of pureeing and masking the flavors of vegetable into a sauce. Now they just think its colored pasta and no one fusses. Thank you pasta gods…thank you for shaving off a task from my to-do list and a notch off my stress belt.